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So… I’m 35. Through my 16 years as a stand-up (retired from that side of things last year) and around 11 years of writing for TV and Radio, I pretty much know or know of (to some level) most people writing comedy in Scotland.
However, having only made a move into the digital marketing realm in the last couple of years, I’m not still not so familiar with the great and the good of the creative community working in advertising, PR and other related industries in Scotland.
I would like to be though.
I’ve been reading books by the likes of Dave Trott and Sir John Hegarty, as well as reading up on the glory days of the Mad Men era. I’m eager to soak up as much knowledge as I can to help me use the skills I’ve honed over the years in comedy in the new arena in which I find myself.

I know I'm not going to be the new Don Draper. But is that a humble acknowledgement of my own limitations or a hubristic proclamation that I'm going to avoid alcoholism?

I know I’m not going to be the new Don Draper. But is this a humble acknowledgement of my own limitations or a hubristic proclamation that I’m going to avoid alcoholism?

In life though, I think that the best ways to get anywhere are to do things and to ask questions.
What am I proposing to do?
I’d like to meet up and have a chat with some of Scotland’s top creatives from those fields – Creative Directors, that is.
What am I proposing to ask?
What was your path? What inspired you? What still inspires you? What’s the most useful mistake you’ve made? And so on.
How can you help?
Basically, if you can hook me up with somebody who you think I could be inspired by and develop even just a smidgen more by being in the presence of, then I’ll buy you a pint.
Them? I’ll buy them dinner and pick their brains for a bit about all of those topics that I just mentioned.
I realise that some people are probably reading this and thinking, “Nobody’s going to give away all their secrets to you…”, but I like to think that creative people of whatever type are generally a little bit more driven by ‘the common good of the craft’.
Also, I’m aware that there are no secret formulas to anything, there is only experience. Even if other people let you be privy to theirs, what you do with it will never be exactly the same as what they would. I’m looking to grow, not to purloin.
With the permission of whoever I speak to, I’d like to write up bits of our chat as part of what I’m proposing to call… Creative Dinners.
You see? Titles like that are an example of why I need to be inspired.
If you can help me to broaden my mind then please drop me an email:
Oh, and if you’d like to know, “who’s asking?” then you can, of course, have a browse around this website or have a wee swatch at my LinkedIn profile.

Oh, and I know it can get confusing but I answer to either Ross or Teddy. Teddy was a nickname at school and was my stand-up stagename… but it wasn’t a character. Even the missus calls me Teddy so take your pick.

Don Draper image by amira_a and used under Creative Commons licence.

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