Article Writing


As with my other forms of writing, I’m able to tailor my article writing work to suit the medium and audience that it is intended for. I have written articles for newspaper, magazine, and online publication across a wide range of topics, tones, and styles…

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Joke Samples


I understand that before employing me to supply you with jokes you may want to see actual examples of my material, rather than just my CV. I hope you enjoy the jokes below. Please note that, of course, any commercial use, broadcast or publication of these does require me agreement…

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Writing for Comedians


I have written material for some of the UK’s top comedians. This has included writing material for their TV appearances, Newspaper/Magazine columns, Live stand-up appearances, Corporate gigs / dinners, Fringe shows, …

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Writing for Radio


I have been writing for radio since 2005 when I received my first commission, for the BBC Radio Scotland topical show, Watson’s Wind-Up. As well as writing for the show, I also went on to produce some episodes of it too…

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Writing For Speeches & Events


I’m used to writing jokes that have to be tailored to specific events and audiences. For my own personal use, I have frequently written jokes relating to events, guests and particular audiences, …

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Writing for Television


I have been writing and script-editing for Television since 2005. I’m able to write in different styles to suit different casts, audiences and timeslots and I’m equally comfortable writing gags or sketches…

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Writing Topical Material


The ability to write topical material is the thing that separates a consistent comedy writer from somebody who merely occasionally chances upon a punchline. Topical humour is the one area where there’s no chance of a writer reaching for a drawer full of previously rejected jokes or sketches…

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Whether you want me to offer guidance and insight relating to any aspect of stand-up comedy or to writing for TV or radio, I can help. Usually, a workshop lasts around 2 hours…

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