“Teddy has led many workshops for aspiring comedians, dealing with both stand-up comedy and comedy writing for us. His work on the prestigious Virgin Money Comedy Academy – which the Stand Comedy Club has run during the Edinburgh Fringe for the last three years – was outstanding, and I have been consistently impressed by Teddy’s commitment to training and teaching. He prepares inspiring, informative and insightful workshops, combining his passion, knowledge and experience to create an engaging and constructive experience for all participants”
Susan Morrison, Stand Comedy Club

Writing on Comedy

I have delivered workshops tailored towards various groups of people, across various strands of comedy. This has included working with the following organisations –

  • The Stand Comedy Club
  • Universal Comedy
  • Impact Arts

Working with young people

When delivering a comedy workshop for Impact Arts, the people attending the workshop were children who faced challenging circumstances in life. By working with them, it was possible to show them how their experiences could be channeled into something creative, helping to avoid frustration being expressed in less positive and constructive ways.

The differing ages, interests and experiences of the group meant having to be able to deliver a combination of general points and person-specific guidance to achieve positive results.

Working with vulnerable adults

When delivering a workshop for Universal Comedy, the workshop attendees were adults who had faced or were facing various difficulties in their life. As with the young people previously mentioned, they were a mixed ability group in terms of their previous exposure to the topics discussed and their ability to grasp them and make constructive use of them.

This meant having to show patience and understanding, while tailoring exercises to suit the overall group and being aware of and sympathetic towards individual sensitivities.

Working with novice or aspiring comedians

Through the Stand Comedy Club I have delivered workshops aimed at assisting novice or aspiring comedians along the path to fulfilling their comedic potential. I have led workshops dealing with areas including –

  • Structuring a stand-up set. I’ve taken attendees through aspects such as call-backs, the rule of three, the different considerations required for short or longer-form material and much more.
  • Writing comedy for TV and Radio. This included advising on the nature of briefs given to writers when submitting for these mediums, the factors this means taking into account, and what exercises can be used to stimulate the creation of both scenarios and punchlines.
  • Writing jokes. Coming up with material can be one of the most daunting aspects of comedy, but there are various exercises that can be used to kick-start natural creative ability when it seems to be lying dormant. I have shared these and led potential comedians through them to demonstrate the process in a practical manner.

Would you like me to lead a comedy workshop?

Whether you want me to offer guidance and insight relating to any aspect of stand-up comedy or to writing for TV or radio, I can help. Usually, a workshop lasts around 2 hours and involves –

  • An initial discussion to get to know the group, find out their areas of comedic interest and any experience that they may have.
  • An introduction to the particular area of discussion, including sharing my own experiences of it.
  • The group is introduced to an exercise focusing on the particular aspect that the workshop is covering.
  • A short break allows for both refreshment and giving the group time to work on their ideas.
  • Participants share the material or ideas generated through the exercise.
  • Feedback is given and any general queries or discussion points raised by the material generated will round off the workshop. A home exercise can also be set for any further workshops.

If this sounds like something that could be both beneficial for and of interest to a group that you’re involved in, please contact me.

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