Writing for Comedians

I have written material for some of the UK’s top comedians. This has included writing material for their –

  • TV appearances. This has included either writing material for their opening monologues on TV shows they were hosting or topical (or other forms of) material for appearances on panel shows.
  • Newspaper/Magazine columns.
    I’ve contributed material to other people’s newspaper and magazine columns but am equally happy writing an entire column to suit either your comedic style or point of view.
  • Live stand-up appearances.
    I have written material for comedians requiring jokes for all levels of live stand-up appearance, from comedy clubs to UK-wide touring theatre shows.
  • Corporate gigs / dinners.
    I’ve written material to suit specific audiences / events / venues for comedians who have been booked to appear at special events that require material tailored to suit. People get their first appearance at events such as these based on their general stand-up abilities. What earns repeat bookings is your ability to tailor material to suit the event and crowd in front of you. This is where I can help.
  • Fringe shows.
    I’ve written material specifically designed to suit a theme or narrative that a comedian has selected for their Fringe show. Why have a 50 minute show with 45 good minutes, when you can have somebody cast another pair of eyes over things, contribute material and make it a solid show from start to finish? As well as writing material for other comedians’ Fringe shows, I’m also able to use my script-editing experience to offer advice on structure and tone, and a general ‘punching up’ of the script.

Who have I written for?

As I’m sure you can understand, I can’t divulge the names of my past clients for reasons of confidentiality. Hopefully this helps to build your confidence in using my services though as it demonstrates that I will exercise discretion and respect your confidentiality too.

One past commission that I am able to divulge is writing for Alan Anderson’s show Whisky fir Dummies, which appeared at both the Adelaide and Edinburgh Fringes. It received a five-star review from respected comedy website Chortle’s Australian site. It was a review that also took the time to comment on the show’s “solid material”.

How much do I charge?

Media commissions will vary from this rate, but as a rough guide to what you can expect to pay for my writing services:

£200 for a day’s writing. This will usually equate to around 40 jokes or 1500-2000 words, depending on which is more applicable to the brief you supply me with.

£110 for half a day’s writing. This will usually equate to around 20 jokes or 800-1000 words, depending on which is more applicable to the brief you supply me with.

Can you see samples of my joke writing?

Yes, of course. Please visit my Joke Samples page.

What do I do next?

To further discuss your exact requirements and to find out how I can help you, please contact me now.

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