“Teddy has the rare gift of being able to write funny jokes on almost any subject. He’s efficient, reliable and consistently hilarious.”
Richard Melvin, Dabster Productions

Radio programmes written for:

I have been writing for radio since 2005 when I received my first commission, for the BBC Radio Scotland topical show, Watson’s Wind-Up. As well as writing for the show, I also went on to produce some episodes of it too.

  • Wired News BBC Radio Scotland (The Comedy Unit)
  • The Good, The Bad, and The Unexpected BBC Radio Scotland (Dabster Productions)
  • Peoplewatch BBC Radio Scotland (Bona Broadcasting)
  • News Additional BBC Radio Scotland (The Comedy Unit)
  • Human Nature BBC Radio Scotland (Bona Broadcasting)
  • Inverceleb BBC Radio Scotland (Dabster Productions)
  • Watson’s Wind-Up BBC Radio Scotland (The Comedy Unit)
  • The Unsporting Review BBC Radio Five (The Comedy Unit)
  • The Music Bed BBC Radio Scotland (Dabster Productions)
  • The Umpire Strikes Back on The Gabby Logan Show BBC Radio Five (Dabster Productions for Bite Yer Legs Productions)
  • Freddie Flintoff Ate My Ashes BBC Radio Five (The Comedy Unit)

The range of radio programmes that I have written for has given me experience in a wide number of writing styles and topics –

  • Topical material.
    Wired News, Watson’s Wind-Up, and the BBC Radio Five programmes listed all required an ability to write material relating to recent events.
  • Sporting material.
    Again, all of the BBC Radio Five shows mentioned contained a sporting angle. I was able to write material spanning a variety of sports from athletics to cricket. Though I have specialist-level knowledge of football, I can write on any sport.
  • Material suitable for impressions.
    These programmes involved writing for vocal talents like Jonathan Watson, Lewis Macleod, and Kayvan Novak, so it was important to be able to write sketches that played to their strengths.
  • Surreal material.
    Writing the ongoing ‘Tribute’ sketch for BBC Radio Scotland’s The Music Bed meant being able to think in a surreal manner and write to suit this style.
  • Parodies.
    Human Nature and Peoplewatch played on a style spoofing that of natural history programmes like Springwatch or David Attenborough’s documentaries.
  • UK network audience.
    I’m able to write for a Scottish-specific audience or a UK-wide audience. As BBC Radio Five goes out across the UK, material had to be relevant (and funny!) to listeners in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland as well as Scotland.

Do you need a comedy writer for your radio project?

As I’ve demonstrated, I’m able to write for any type of radio comedy programme. I’m a fast and prolific writer of high quality material, whether it be in the form of jokes or sketches. You can see from the names I’ve mentioned that I’ve written material delivered some of the UK’s top vocal performer talents.

“Teddy is a superb gag writer. Jokes can be difficult to come by but when he’s presented with a subject he nails it every time.”
Lewis Macleod, star of BBC Radio Scotland’s Wired News and BBC Radio Five’s The Unsporting Review of the Year

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