Do you need jokes for a corporate event?

I’m used to writing jokes that have to be tailored to specific events and audiences. For my own personal use, I have frequently written jokes relating to events, guests and particular audiences, but I have also performed this service for others too.

Perhaps you’re hosting some form of corporate event and are looking for some jokes to slot into your introductions? I can supply you with something specially crafter for your event and your guests but with careful consideration given to creating the best impression and atmosphere possible.

Perhaps rather than some jokes to slot in as you see fit, you’d prefer to have a few minutes of monologue written for you? That way jokes can be linked and built upon, allowing you to convey a professional yet engaging persona. As well as awards ceremonies and corporate events, I’ve also written for the monologues of presenters on national television. You’ll be receiving material of TV broadcast quality, but geared towards your own specific brief and requirements.

Do you need jokes for a wedding or other social/family gathering?

It’s a proud moment when you are the best man or the father of the bride, but sometimes the stress of having to write and deliver the perfect speech can take its toll. Why not let me ease that burden for you by either writing a few jokes for you to intersperse throughout your speech or by writing you a few minutes of monologue?

That way you can be confident that you have some entertaining and engaging words to deliver and you can relax and enjoy both the build up and the special day itself.

I’m well aware of the restrictions in tone and style that can naturally be in place for some events and I’m able to write the material that will suit both you and the occasion you’ll be delivering it at.

Do you need jokes for a Sportsman’s Dinner or After-dinner speaking engagement?

The after-dinner speaking circuit can be a lucrative one for the top performers, but there is always the risk of material quickly becoming dated due to that circuit’s ‘share and share alike’ approach to material. Do you really want to take the chance of an audience rolling their eyes as you repeat jokes that “the guy who was here last year did”? Why not speculate to accumulate, invest in your craft, and actually commission some original writing to suit your persona, subject matter and the type of appearances that you’re going to be making?

If you’re going to be appearing at a Sportsman’s Dinner and are looking for some jokes drawn from that particular sphere then I’m the ideal writer for you, with a background in writing sporting-based material for both television and radio.

What to do next

To find out more about the services that I can offer you and to further discuss the specific requirements of your event, please contact me now.

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