“Whether for tv or radio, if you’re looking for gags then you really want to give Teddy a call. Whatever the subject, however short the deadline, he delivers.”
Philip Differ, producer of BBC1 Scotland’s Only An Excuse? and BBC Radio Scotland’s Watson’s Wind-Up

I have been writing and script-editing for Television since 2005. I’m able to write in different styles to suit different casts, audiences and timeslots and I’m equally comfortable writing gags or sketches. Here are some of things that I’ve written and/or script-edited for TV broadcast:

  • Topical jokes
  • Football jokes
  • Jokes tailored for use in guest interviews
  • Entertainment-based jokes
  • Sketches aimed at a youth audience
  • Sketches aimed at a football audience
  • Sketches for an ensemble cast
  • Sketches for a strong female lead
  • Sketches for impressionist performance


  • Only An Excuse (script editor & writer) BBC1 Scotland
  • Countdown Channel 4
  • Mock The Week BBC2
  • Blowout (writer) Channel 4
  • Offside (script editor & writer) BBC1 Scotland
  • The Karen Dunbar Show (writer) BBC1 Scotland
  • Freshly Squeezed (script editor & writer) Channel 4

Short Films

In 2004, I wrote a winning script for Channel 4’s Ideas Factory: Laughs. My winning script, Tumour Me, was directed by Colin Kennedy and can be seen below. I will warn you that the topic and style is pretty dark, something which is within my range of writing. I’m also perfectly able to offer writing that veers closer to light than shade though, so please don’t think that this one piece offers a full picture of my comedy writing capabilities.

Tumour Me from Colin Kennedy on Vimeo.

Are you looking for a comedy writer for a television show?

As you’ve just read, I’m able to write jokes and sketches to any tone and to suit any broadcast. I also pride myself on offering a speedy turnaround when it comes to delivering material to meet the specific brief put in front of me.

Whether you’re looking for material suitable for pre or post-watershed, Scottish or UK network, BBC or Channel 4 in tone, adult or youth audience…I can deliver. I learned my material-writing trade the hardest way, in live comedy appearances across the UK. From that early grounding, I’ve gone on to nurture my comedy-writing ability and earn a number of writing commissions and script-editor engagements.


My script-editing experience means that you can also come to me when you want somebody to cast a fresh eye over a script that you’re still not quite sure about. I can offer advice on the structure of the script, the development of and consistency of the characters, and -of course – on the jokes in the script.

If you need a script ‘punched up’ with extra jokes then it’s well within my capabilities to help you. Even if you may think that the time is too tight, it’s not too late to pick up the phone and find out if I can help. The chances are that I’ll be able to.
To chat further about how I can help with your television project, please contact me.

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