“Teddy is a superb gag writer. Jokes can be difficult to come by but when he’s presented with a subject he nails it every time.”
Lewis Macleod, star of Wired News & The Unsporting Review of the Year

The ability to write topical material is the thing that separates a consistent comedy writer from somebody who merely occasionally chances upon a punchline. Topical humour is the one area where there’s no chance of a writer reaching for a drawer full of previously rejected jokes or sketches. There are no hiding places for the comedy writer when it comes to generating topical material, you can either produce material of a consistently high standard to a quick turnaround…or you can’t. I believe that I can, and the number of writing commissions that I’ve had for topical TV & radio programmes backs this self-belief up.

Writing high quality topical material has been a strong part of my own personal stand-up comedy armoury and is something that I am also skilled in doing for others.

I have written topical material for –

  • Television.
    I’ve written topical material for opening monologues, written topical sketches, and devised topical clip or photograph jokes. I’ve also written topical material for comedians appearing on TV panel shows.
  • Radio.
    I’ve written topical jokes and sketches for a number of radio programmes across BBC1 Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio Five.
  • Newspaper & Magazines.
    I’ve contributed material towards topical newspaper or magazine columns either under my own name or for other comedians.

Below, you can find a list of television and radio programmes I have written for that have either had a topical base to them or contained a topical monologue that I have contributed material for.

  • Offside.
    BBC1 Scotland football show which eventually moved to include more mainstream entertainment angles. I supplied topical material for monologues and visual jokes. I worked on the show as both a commissioned writer and, eventually, script-editor.
  • Watson’s Wind-up.
    My first writing commission was for this long-running weekly topical sketch comedy show on BBC Radio Scotland. I also produced some episodes of it.
  • Only An Excuse?
    BBC1 Scotland’s Hogmanay staple draws on the events of the past year. I’ve been both a commissioned writer & script-editor on it.
  • BBC Radio Five’s Unsporting Review of the Year.
    As with Only An Excuse?, this show drew on events from the past year.
  • Wired News.
    I wrote a significant chunk of the material for this 2013 BBC Radio Scotland show starring Lewis Macleod.

Do you have a project requiring topical jokes or sketches?

Whatever the style, tone or demographic you’re aiming for, I’ll be able to help. I’m used to writing topical material for live comedy environments, TV/radio/print/online, Scottish or UK-wide audiences. My use of Twitter and its ability to allow instant comment has further sharpened my topical edge.

Whatever the nature of your topical requirements, please contact me now to discuss them.

“freshly-minted topical gags”

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